Overview of Products

Configurable Solutions

With over a decade of employment and credentialing experience, eVerifile specializes in understanding the unique security needs of companies. eVerifile offers industry-specific solutions that enable companies to improve their workforce safety and security while meeting compliance requirements. Trust eVerifile’s solutions to screen your candidates and vendors, while delivering the hiring information that is relevant for your business.

Solutions to Fit Your Workforce Needs

eVerifile offers a suite of cloud-based solutions that enables your company to rapidly request comprehensive security background screenings on personnel and contractors/vendors using a simple “point and click” process. We also process and manage secure drug screenings for your potential new hires. eVerifile understands the sense of urgency when hiring.
  • Optimized Turnaround Times: Our background checks are typically available 24-48 hours after you submit your request.
  • Safety & Security:  eVerifile designs, implements and maintains an array of proprietary custom solutions that can help managers strengthen their safety and security efforts.
  • Bring your safety training and pre-employment testing online with our help. We will also convert materials into a specialized online library for you including HR orientations, employee surveys, and industry and regulatory tests with auto-grading.
  • eVerifile offers ID badging and credentialing services that allow you to determine who gains access to your facilities. Easily create and order custom ID badges online for your employees and contractors.

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