Private Officer International

Private Officer International

Founded in 2004, Private Officer International is a member based association which serves both the private security industry and the law enforcement community offering membership, professional services, products and accredited and award winning training.

Additionally, Private Officer International maintains a full time news department generating daily industry specific news reports, newsletters, radio and TV shows and a digital magazine.

Since 2005, we have become a clearinghouse of statistical data pertaining to injuries, deaths, assaults, workplace violence and other areas specific to the professions that we serve.

In 2010, Private Officer International reformatted their public safety training academy by acquiring a college and converting all curriculums to an accredited online and campus based public safety format which covers the Fire/EMS and Medical professions, Law Enforcement and Private Security, Electronic and Internet Security, the Bail Bond industry, and the Legal profession.

Please call our corporate offices at 704-831-8109 or check our websites at or