e-VERIFILE’s Risk Assessment Services and Staffing Component Combine to Create a Total Industry Solution

Company Introduces a System of New Human Capital Management Tools to Help Companies Hire the Right Candidates

Atlanta, GA (July 23, 2009) Atlanta-based e-VERIFILE.COM, Inc., a leading provider of risk assessment services for companies around the world, is pleased to introduce its newest service offering – human capital management solutions, or more specifically, an industry-driven staffing component. By adding this service to its set of other screening tools, e-VERIFILE is prepared to offer a total solution to companies in need of comprehensive outsourcing.

Companies in every industry, especially those in fields that require a high level of security clearance, need risk assessment tools to manage the hiring process. Screening, however, takes time away from business; this is where e-VERIFILE’s staffing component comes into play. E-VERIFILE is currently building an extensive database of qualified candidates whose credentials are verified beforehand. The candidates are then referred to the hiring companies, and, if deemed appropriate for the position, are interviewed. The beauty of this risk assessment database, of course, is in the tools; it makes finding and hiring skilled individuals more streamlined for the HR department. In addition, the service is designed to allow companies the ability to post positions for employment and query the database using in-house hiring criteria.

“There is no other company in our industry with a comprehensive staffing solution,” says Ravi Wijesinghe, CEO and founder of e-VERIFILE. “E-VERIFILE identified this gap in the market and is developing a wide-reaching, extensive human capital management database and an invaluable set of tools for companies in need of faster, more efficient ways to screen and hire qualified workers.” For more information on e-VERIFILE’s human capital management database, please visit www.e-verifile.com.

About e-VERIFILE.COM, Inc.
Founded in 1999, e-VERIFILE.COM, Inc. specializes in developing and delivering web-powered risk assessment solutions and custom administrative support systems for a wide range of organizations and industries worldwide, including employment background check, employment credit check, driving records, education verification, criminal report services, HR management solutions, regulatory compliance and licensing systems. Since that time, the company has continued to provide innovative solutions that streamline routine workforce, contractor/vendor, and security management processes, making the task of identification verification much easier. For more information on e-VERIFILE.COM, please visit www.e-verifile.com.

Anthony M. Cooper
Director of Marketing & Communications