Utility Safe

eVerifile’s UtilitySafe offers a wide range of workforce and contractor risk management solutions to ensure compliance with Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards set by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).


Our comprehensive risk management solution is available to meet the requirements of NERC Standard CIP-004 for employees, contractors and service providers with access to Critical Cyber Assets.

In order to better protect their people, infrastructure and communities against new threats and vulnerabilities, the electric utilities industry has developed a series of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) guidelines through NERC- the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. One such NERC guideline is Standard CIP-004.

Standard CIP-004 requires that personnel having authorized cyber or authorized unescorted physical access to Critical Cyber Assets, including contractors and service vendors, have an appropriate level of personnel risk assessment, security awareness and training. These activities are to be initiated, documented, reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

Meeting these requirements is now made easier with UtilitySafe. UtilitySafe is a unique all-in-one web service from eVerifile that streamlines a number of CIP-004 tasks:

  • Background Checks
  • Safety Compliance Awareness Training & Training
  • Badging and Credentialing
  • Drug Testing