Every day the volume of riders and sheer number of access points in addition to worksites at many of the nation’s mass transit systems, present a tempting target to those seeking to commit criminal and terrorist acts.

Challenges like these, as well as negligent hiring issues, threaten the success and credibility of all transit organizations. eVerifile’s TransitForce is a custome developed program that addresses these challenges and risks.

eVerifile’s TransitForce offers a wide range of cloud-based solutions that not only augments Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), but also can help in meeting the safety and security standards of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). Homeland Security recommendations and other regulatory requirements:

  • Background Screening
  • Safety Awareness Training & Testing
  • Security Access Badge & Credentialing
  • DOT Drug Testing


eVerifile’s TransitForce is an end-to-end risk management workforce solution for the entire transit industry:

  • Transit Systems & Organizations
    No matter if it’s buses, rails, paratransit or motorcoaches, TransitForce makes it easy to facilitate routine personnel risk assessment. Conduct background checks, manage compliance awareness, and issue access credentials for transit employees, contractors/vendors and their personnel
  • Contractors, Vendors & Suppliers
    Transit organizations are under increased pressure to enact and enforce new safety and security standards at their facilities. TransitForce helps contractors/vendors stay in compliance and gain the authorized access credentials they need to serve their clients
  • Applicants/Employees
    Use TransitForce to undergo required background checks and to take compliance orientations and tests that help determine your eligibility to access transit facilities and worksites