Managing safety and security is a major issue in the healthcare industry, given concerns regarding patent infringements, product tampering, and other incidents of malfeasance in the industry.

Safety and security issues represent a considerable threat not only to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, but also to the consumers who depend on the industries’ products. In the face of such challenges, it is vital that comprehensive steps be taken to protect the industry and communities they serve.



eVerifile enables pharmaceutical, medical and biotech administrators to facilitate employee and contractor risk management tasks, which enables safety and security at facilities.

eVerifile offers comprehensive workforce risk management solutions that deliver safety and security processes for a wide range of industry requirements:

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies:  Conduct background checks, manage compliance and issue security credentialing for personnel and contractors/vendors that access key worksites and facilities
  • Contractors, Vendors and Suppliers:  Contractors, vendors and their personnel often have unrestricted access to their clients’ facilities and sensitive materials. With eVerifile, contractors and vendors can register with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, conduct personnel screenings and meet client compliance requirements
  • Applicants/Employees:  Comply with employer requirements and obtain required credentials to access to key worksites and facilities

Using eVerifile requires NO software or hardware to install. The risk assessment solutions and related tools include:

  • Background Checks:  Conduct pre-employment and reoccurring background checks on new hires and key personnel
  • Personnel/Vendor Data Management:  Organize, evaluate and track important personnel information
  • Compliance Training and Testing:  Administer enterprise-wide compliance and safety orientations, surveys, and tests to ensure compliance with required policies and regulations
  • Badging Credentialing:  Augment access control by easily producing, documenting, and issuing custom ID badges to personnel