Brief Company Overview

Celayix, Inc. located in Seattle, WA with offices in Vancouver, BC and Salt Lake City, UT, delivers employee scheduling software and workforce management solutions to a broad range of organizations. Celayix offers workforce management solutions that provide enterprise-class technology, streamline businesses processes and reduce costs.


  • eTime Xpress for Employee Scheduling and Time & Attendance
  • Web Xpress for Employee Communication via Internet
  • Voice Xpress for Employee Communication via Phone
  • Web Xpress Mobile for Employee Communication & Time Collection via Mobile App
  • Time Collection Options

How We Can Help eRailSafe Contractors

  • Celayix helps our clients cut labor costs by eliminating avoidable overtime, streamlining contractor management processes and creating the most cost efficient contractor deployments
  • We improve employee satisfaction by increasing contractor’s involvement in the management process, creating better access to important scheduling data and reducing unnecessary communication time
  • Our team works to improve contractor satisfaction by ensuring properly qualified contractors are at the right place at the right time

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