eRailSafe has partnered with Aon, a worldwide leader in risk management, brokerage and human resource consulting, to offer Class I Railroad contractors access to Aon’s Railroad Protective Liability Policy. With more than 100 years of experience, knowledge and service, Aon is the industry leader and trusted provider to railroad leaders for coverage.

Due to the nature of the rail industry and onging upgrades in infastructure and development on or near railroad tracks, reliable Railroad Protective Liability remains a priority for railroads and contractors.

Overview of Railroad Protective Liability

  • The limit for the Railroad Protective is project specific
  • Under a Railroad Protective, FELA is included for designated employees of the railroad
  • Under a Commercial General Liability, coverage for a railroad employee is offered under third party bodily injury only
  • The Railroad Protective offers first dollar coverage. A commercial Liability policy will usually be in excess of a deductible
  • Railroad Protective insulates a railroad’s primary insurance program from a loss for which a contactor may be liable. You can expect a faster claims response under a Railroad protective. The carrier writing the Railorad Protective knows that they can subrogate against the contractors carrier
  • First party physical damage coverage is offered under a Railroad Protective
  • Defense costs are usually outside of the policy limits in a Railroad Protective

Who can purchase a Railroad Protective?

  • A Railroad Protective Policy can be purchased by a Railroad or a contractor

How is the cost of a Railroad Protective Policy determined?

  • The premium associated with a Railroad Protective Policy is determined by the cost and type of work on or near the railroad property. Most insurance carriers have minimum premiums which apply.

What are the most common limits purchased for a Railroad Protective Policy?

  • $2 Million per Occurrence and $6 Million Aggregate
  • $5 Million per Occurence and $10 Million Aggregate
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