Technical Enhancements

September 2017

  • Clarify and Improve Statistics and Reporting
  • Railroad Nuances / Playbook – Railroad Dashboard / Quicklinks
  • Updated Quickcheck logo to be more visible
  • Created the ability to reactivate applicants
  • Enhanced Applicant Search- Added parent company name column and expanded search filters
  • Restricted vendor administrator access to upload information to specified folders (consent form and requested info)
  • Created PDF document for applicant compliance acknowledgement pop up message
  • Updated Applicant History- History will reflect the changes made in the system
  • Changed All References of Enterprise to Industry

August 2017

  • List Applicants sent to Railroad queues Chronologically
  • ERS International Program Enhancements – Applied previously discussed eRailSafe International Workflow
  • Prevent Addition of duplicate applicants within a company -Multiple active Applicants sharing key information can no longer exist more than once in an account
  • Recertification Email Notifications (ERS contractor admin and applicant if email address is added)- Added ability to email contractor admins regarding recertification’s 90, 60, 30, 0, -30, -60, -90 days.
  • Applicant and Admin compliance check box reporting -Added columns to applicant summary report providing date of completion.
  • Require Applicant Email- Placed mandatory requirement on Applicant Email upon Entry

July 2017

  • Add status identifier Appeal Expired and Suspended on Quick Check interface
  • Remove Other Job Title Selection-Removed ability to select other as a job title
  • Display all Applicant Badges in  Applicant Documents- Enabled viewing of all current and previous applicant badges.
  • Create water mark for badge image and disclosure indicating badge is temporary and for viewing purposes only (full functionality not yet available in  Quickcheck) – Added water mark overlay on all PDF Badges
  • Send email notification for “Completed Reports”-Added ability to send notifications to Contractor Admins when an applicants report completes.
  • Add Applicants Resident State field to Summary report in 2.0- Enabled display of State in Applicant Summary