Industry FAQ

What is eRailSafe?

eRailSafe is the premier Workforce Safety and Security Management program for Class 1 Railroads and the businesses that serve them.

The purpose of the program is to improve the security of railroad applicants, operations and facilities. As part of these efforts, designated railroad contractors, vendors and suppliers are required to comply with the program which includes:

  • Personal Screening: Contractor/Vendor Personnel are required to submit to background investigations
  • Compliance Awareness & Testing: Contractor/Vendor Personnel must complete required safety and security awareness tests.
  • Workplace Credentialing: Contractor/Vendor Personnel are required to wear eRailSafe ID Badges when on railroad property. Badges are issued upon successful completion of background investigation and compliance testing.

What is the eRailsafe process?

  • Contractor Enrollment-
    • A copy of the company’s Business License, Articles of Incorporation or Business Registration
    • A signed copy of the eRailSafe subscriber agreement
    • Business references (3)
    • Your company’s Vendor ID, Registration ID or Contractor Number.
      • If you are a general contractor and do not have this information, please contact the railroad you are contracting with. Then, forward this information to
  • Applicant Enrollment- An approved background screen, photo and completed training and testing is required  before a badge is received

Why am I having trouble viewing the website using Internet Explorer?

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