Do you know your contractors and suppliers?

  • Industry Standard for Class I Railroads
  • Over 150K badges shipped annually
  • Trusted Integrated Screening Platform
  • Background Check Approved
  • Drug Testing and Record Verification
  • Mobile Badging Available

eVerifle’s mobile badging feature enables companies to easily screen and review contractors and suppliers, including real-time updates.

Be Certain with eVerifile

Did you know 90% of American companies fail to run the necessary vendor, supplier and contractor background checks? Many of these individuals have access to sensitive data and valuable assets in your workplace. Proper screening will help safeguard your company and customers.

 Reduce Supplier Risk      Protect Your Brand      Increase Supply Chain Visibility


Four Directional Lines

Criminal Background Checks

Identify security risks quickly and accurately with our criminal background screening software. Our technology allows you to screen for criminal activity at the federal, state and even county level.

Training and Badging

We make employee and contractor safety and compliance training simple. Our hosted safety training and testing solutions convert training videos and printed materials into your own online library with testing capabilities, while also ensuring organization and industry regulations are met.

In addition, eVerifile provides easy, online employee and contractor badging solutions that streamline the process of producing ID credentialing. This process enables companies to confidentially determine who gains access to your facilities by creating and managing your own workplace ID program.

Education, Employment & Reference Verification

We check education and employment records to verify application integrity. We also conduct interviews with previous employers and HR departments to obtain a comprehensive evaluation of work history. This service is perfect for obtaining:

  • Date of Employment
  • Job Position
  • Reason for Leaving
  • Rehire Eligibility and More

Drug Testing

Limit risk with our drug screening services to test current employees or candidates pre-employment. We offer flexible solutions including:

  • Installed (on-site), Collection (lab-based) & Out-of-Network Options
  • Pre-employment & Random Testing Solutions
  • Urine
  • Saliva
  • Breath Alcohol
  • Hair
  • Multiple Panel Options (5, 7 & 10 panel)
  • DOT Compliant Programs
  • SAMHSA-Certified Laboratory Testing

Industry Expertise

Utility Safe